Aluminum Pictures


Silver-white element, light-weight, malleable and not easily corroded or tarnished. It is the most abundant metal on planet earth, used in different alloys.


Substance composed of two or more metals. These are classified into the following numerals:

  • 1000’s (pure aluminum)
  • 2000’s (alloyed with copper, can be hardened to strengths compared to steel)
  • 3000’s (alloyed with manganese, can be work-hardened)
  • 4000’s (alloyed with silicon, also known as silumin)
  • 5000’s (alloyed with magnesium, used for water exposure and low-temp work)
  • 6000’s (alloyed with magnesium and silicon, easy to machine)
  • 7000’s (alloyed with zinc, can be hardened into strongest of all aluminum alloys)
  • 8000’s (mainly used for lithium alloys)


Elasticity and hardness of a metal object. These are classified as the following:

  • F (as fabricated)
  • H (strain hardened (cold worked with or without thermal treatment)
  • O (full soft, annealed)
  • T (heat treated to produce stable tempers)